Cristina and Isabel (Tierra de Lobos)

Summary: Cristina and Isabel are a lesbian couple from the Spanish soap opera Tierra de Lobos which means Land of Wolves in English.

Country: Spain

Subtitles: English | Spanish


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Tierra de Lobos is the best thing to come out of Spain since Pepa and Sylvia. This western is set in 19th century Spain. It is packed with all the things you would expect from a western: guns, horses, fighting and bordellos. Oh and for good measure they threw in an epic lesbian love story. Isabel (Adriana Torrebejano), the daughter of a wealthy land owner, falls for a local prostitute named Cristina (Berta Hernández). If having a lesbian affair in the 19th century wasn’t difficult enough, Cristina also used to be the favorite whore of Isabel’s father. Let the drama begin.

TDL is a solid show. What makes the story spectacular is the chemistry between the two women. The actresses portray lovers with a credibility not often found in straight performers. They interact with each other completely naturally even during love scenes. “Crisabel” is definitely one of my favorite ships of all time.

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